My name is Tanya Woo, and this is our passion project.  My family has been the stewards of this historic building since the 60's. On Christmas Eve 2013, a fire led to the demolition of half of the building. We tried to find the funds to rebuild but were unsuccessful. After finding another local family that is investing in the renovation/rebuild, our dreams have finally been realized - to bring new life to this previously condemned building.

Construction started in Dec of 2017, and we fully uncovered all the murals in the stairwell. In Feb 2018, the demolition crew took out a wall in the basement and discovered more murals. These areas, the former jazz club, were slated for demolition. An amazing team that consists of architects, interior designers, the construction team, and project management team have stepped up and worked around the clock pro-bono to save them. We are pending a permit revision with the city, but we are confident that we can save these murals and this important piece of our shared history.

If you have any comments or concerns, please contact me.

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