Help us to restore and preserve the Club Royale Murals


Prohibition era Art Deco murals have been uncovered during the renovation work at the Louisa Hotel. This is the only known historic jazz club with the original murals intact remaining in Seattle. These murals are over 100 years old and in dire need of preservation.


Here's the cost break-down:

$30,000 to stop the demolition of the mural staircase and establish another exit on the other side of the building to meet city code.
$20,000 for the emergency work to preserve the most urgent parts of the mural that is crumbling and peeling at ground level
$126,000 for the preservation and restoration of the entire mural which includes emergency work that requires scaffolding

We are hoping to meet this goal by private donors and grant applications.  If you go to the site you will see that we are only asking for $20,000.  As we meet this goal we will raise it.  I am hoping to pay for the emergency work and for the relocation of the staircase concurrently.  The reason why I have prioritized it this way is because 1.) Emergency preservation work needs to be done and  2.)  I have promised to personally pay for the relocation of the basement exit just to stop the demolition.  I was laid off a year ago, and have spent all my time on this building and recovering from tumor surgery.  All I have is my 401k and if I can't raise the money I will have to withdraw it and donate it.

I am not allowed to handle any of the money associated with the murals.  I don't quite understand it but I was told it had something to do with the bank loan for construction and how the bank owns or leases the building till we can pay off those loans.  Saving the murals was not in anyone's work scope and not the priority when it comes to such a large projects.  Especially since they were discovered so recently, no one planned for this.  

Right when we found out the demo guys were going to demolish the murals, we immediately fought to be able to pay for the relocation of that staircase.  I have already spent my life savings towards this building and if I can't raise the money, I will have to cash my 401k just to save the mural staircase from demolition.  I believe in the preservation of this history so much, I am willing to put everything into it.  I hope you will consider helping me.


All photography provided by Randy Wo-Eng



What we know about Chinatown's jazz scene
and these staircase murals.

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