Why I need your help

The contents of this website are an expression of my thoughts alone.  They don't represent anyone associated with the Louisa Hotel.  I am the sole organizer of saving the murals - I have not and will not receive any funds associated with saving the murals or with the Louisa Hotel.  I am, however, held accountable for all costs and assume all risks and liability associated with the murals. 

These murals were discovered recently, so no one planned for them.  There is no money allocated for them in an already tight renovation budget.  Our amazing architect has put in work pro-bono to help save them and for this, I am forever grateful.  This would not be possible without him.  Our interior designer has also put in work pro-bono to help design the lighting.  I am also thankful for all the historians who have offered me historical information to help with the grant writing process.  A team of project managers and friends who help me proof-read and are readily available for advice.  I am also thankful for an ownership team that will allow me to take on the privilege of saving the murals. 

Right when we found out the murals were slated for demolition, I immediately fought to be able to pay for the relocation of an exit.  The architect was able to locate and desgined the plans to build another exit in the alley of the building, saving the mural staircase.  We need the funds to pay for that exit relocation.  I had  to commit to paying for that right away to ensure the murals didn't get demolished.  I've already spent my life savings towards this building since the fire.  If I can't raise the money, I will have to cash in my 401k just to be  able to produce the funds to save the mural staircase from demolition.  It's my back-up plan of fundraising under-performs. This is how much I believe in the preservation of this history, I am willing to put everything into it.  It will still not be enough.

As a former journalist, I believe that the voiceless have a voice, it's up to us to amplify it.  These murals are still here and they have a story to tell.  We must preserve them and honor them as a part of our community story, a part of our heritage.    I am asking for your help because I can't do this by myself.  I really wish I could.  I hope you will consider helping me.

Why SCIDPDA is our Financial Agent

Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDPDA) has offered to handle all the money for these murals - including collecting donations, receiving invoices and paying them.  They will also do all the book-keeping and reporting.  

SCIDPDA is an amazing organization that has done a lot for the community.  They have been helping us every step of the way and once again they have proved to be a valuable resource to us.  

Having an organization that will allow for a tax-deductible donations is really helpful.  Some companies will even match funds from employee donations.  If it wasn't for SCIDPDA, I wouldn't be able to have the opportunity to do this fundraising.  

ISRD Approval - It's the Little Things

Today was the International Special Review District (ISRD) meeting and I had a lot of hopes riding on this meeting.  Two issues that I care about were at risk.  Trying to fit as many restaurant hoods as I could into the building and relocating a staircase to save the mural staircase.  We needed the ISRD to approve the plans for installing a glass panel onto the mural staircase and to approve relocating the exit staircase to the back of the building.  If they had not approved this, we would have had to demolish the mural staircase to provide for a basement exit.   They approved it!  So what's next?  We still need to get final permit revision approval from the city.

Yesterday, for the first time since my dad's death in 1996, I stepped into the office where he died.  I was walking with the renovation team and I don't think they realize that my mind had wondered to a time when renovation wasn't even a thought.  He died steps away from the mural staircase and I believe that if he had more time, these murals would have been a priority.  My dad loved history and his community, it's because of him I am trying to preserve as much of this building (within reason) as I can. Sometimes I question if what I am doing is the right thing, but with every little thing - every step we check off, I find the confidence that we can save the murals and carry on it's story.