ISRD Approval - It's the Little Things

Today was the International Special Review District (ISRD) meeting and I had a lot of hopes riding on this meeting.  Two issues that I care about were at risk.  Trying to fit as many restaurant hoods as I could into the building and relocating a staircase to save the mural staircase.  We needed the ISRD to approve the plans for installing a glass panel onto the mural staircase and to approve relocating the exit staircase to the back of the building.  If they had not approved this, we would have had to demolish the mural staircase to provide for a basement exit.   They approved it!  So what's next?  We still need to get final permit revision approval from the city.

Yesterday, for the first time since my dad's death in 1996, I stepped into the office where he died.  I was walking with the renovation team and I don't think they realize that my mind had wondered to a time when renovation wasn't even a thought.  He died steps away from the mural staircase and I believe that if he had more time, these murals would have been a priority.  My dad loved history and his community, it's because of him I am trying to preserve as much of this building (within reason) as I can. Sometimes I question if what I am doing is the right thing, but with every little thing - every step we check off, I find the confidence that we can save the murals and carry on it's story.